JeepLife.Earth was created out of neccesity. Jeepers all over the world would try to stay in touch via dozens of social media platforms, most of which sell their information-especially facebook and all of their other companies (facebook's name this week, is meta). meta owns the following as of 02-18-2022:

Instagram, WhatsApp, Onavo, CTRL-labs, Beluga, Oculus VR, LiveRail, Ascenta, Little Eye Labs, Atlas Solutions, Messenger, Giphy, FriendFeed, Mapillary, tbh, ProtoGeo, Redkix, Parse, Threadsy, Vidpresso, Bloomsbury AI, Kustomer, PrivateCore, PlayGiga, Sanzaru Games, Scape Technologies, Faciometrics,, Grokstyle, Servicefriend

   One thing you can count on, is we do not want to share your information with anyone, for any reason. This web portal is for Jeep people and the Jeep way of life. All of us, all over earth are all like one big family, and its up to us to protect one another.

   With that being said-Welcome to JeepLife.Earth! Please share pictures, videos and stories of you and your Jeep or Jeeps. Find new friends, find new parts, find new Jeeps, find new trails and find new Jeep Meetups too! And make sure you stop by and say hello whenever you see us at Jeep events throughout the year or out on the trails!